Vanilla - Savannah Flavoring - Syrup Mix

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Vanilla flavoring mix, brings the rich flavors of vanilla to your recipes and beverages. Our  flavor syrup mix can be used in beverages, cooking, baking and more. 

A 25 oz bottle

Southern Vanilla Iced Coffee


  • 1 tbsp. Southern Vanilla Mix
  • 8 oz. strong coffee
  • Glass of ice
  • Half and Half to taste

Directions:  Pour coffee into a glass full of ice to thoroughly chill. Stir in half and half along with the southern vanilla mix to the iced coffee. Add more ice if needed.

Old Fashioned Soda Counter Vanilla Cola


  • 12 oz Cola
  • 1 tbsp Southern Vanilla Mix

 Directions:  Add a splash of vanilla mix to a glass of cola.