FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I used to get a similar product from Mixon and Wiggins, is this similar? It is the same product. Our company is now called Savannah Flavoring Company and uses the original formulas from 1989 to make the mix.

What kind of sugar is used? We use pure cane sugar in to sweeten our regular syrups.

What is used to sweeten the sugar free syrups? We use Sucralose (Splenda) to sweeten the sugar free mix.

Is there any juice used in the syrups? The syrups contain no fruit juices.

I ordered, when will I receive my shipment? We will fulfill your order in the order that it is received. If the product is in stock, it will generally ship from our facility within 3-5 business days. If the product is out of stock, we will ship the order as soon as the product is made. In some cases this may be several days up to ten business days. If the product is anticipated to take longer, we will contact you.

How long are the syrups good for? Our syrups are best by up to four years from production.

How do I tell when my syrup was made? After Blue Boat Brands, LLC aquired Savannah Flavoring Company in 2019, we began using "Best By" dates. 

Are the syrups Gluten Free? Yes, they are Gluten Free